Monday, May 17, 2010

Pushcart Prize!

Paul Muldoon's "Capriccio in E Minor for Blowfly and Strings"--the 1st poem printed in the in the debut edition of Sugar House Review--will be included in the 2011 Pushcart Prize Anthology.

Whilst we realize that most of this is due to incredible luck--mostly the luck inherent in getting that lovely poem from Muldoon--we can't help but feel a need to celebrate.


We're not sure about the exact volume of submissions that the Pushcarts receive, but we know it's a lot. Most literary journals and small book publishers nominate work they've published (up to 5 pieces a year). For the 2010 edition, 63 pieces were chosen for inclusion. We imagine the number will be similar for 2011. The fiction, poems and essays contained within the anthologies is one of the most esteemed encapsulations of great work for that year. The anthologies are also widely available (in terms of literary anthologies) at booksellers and news-stands.

Here's more about the Pushcart Prize Anthology.


Thank you Paul Muldoon. So much.

Thank you to our subscribers and contributors and all of those that allow us to review their work for publication in our little magazine.

And thank you Bill Henderson and the editors/advisers of the Pushcart Prize.

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